Best Unknown Hikes Of Southwest Virginia

All of the best hikes are not documented. Sometimes I think about writing a small booklet titled “The Best Unknown Hikes of Southwest Virginia”, or something similar to that, and having a listing and descriptions of local favorites, close to home but worthwhile outings, and obscure but great locales that may be either on or off trail. They might be long or short, difficult or easy, but the one thing most would have in common is that while some may be well known locally, they have been rarely or perhaps even never documented on anything other than a limited scale. Regionally well known hikes like Mount Rogers and The Cascades would not be included in this category unless they were incidental to a lesser known nearby spot, though it might be somewhat subjective on my part as to what is well known and what is not - and what is worthwhile. Most might not make it onto a list of the best hikes in the Southern Appalachians (though some could), but all would be worthwhile and of interest to someone in the area who didn’t want to drive several hours to a good place to hike, or didn’t want to be gone all day. Most of the hikes would be on public land, but if I knew that a landowner welcomed hikers, then some destinations could be on private property. Whether or not such a book ever comes to fruition, it occurred to me that I can pursue that idea in this blog from time to time. I will attempt to keep this page updated as I add such hikes, and I will also tag them as "Best Unknown Hikes Of Southwest Virginia", enabling them to be found by clicking on that tag in the sidebar or at the end of other posts with that tag - or by clicking here or on the individual links below.

These hikes may or may not attract crowds of people from all over the Southeast, or even the state. However, if you live within an hour or so, and are looking for something new and different, but not without some rewards, this is one of those little known hikes that can fit the bill. There are many more...

Chestnut Ridge - Lonely Mountain Meadows - Bland County & Tazewell County
Clinch Mountain - The Back Of The Dragon - Tazewell County
Comers Rock - Earning Your Views - Wythe County
Garden Of The Gods - Virginia Style - Wythe County
Griffith Knob & Peak 3681 - Wythe County
Middle Knob And The Great Channels - Maze In The Sky - Washington County & Russell County
Mill Creek and Sentinel Point - Waterfalls AND Views - Giles County
Sand Mountain And High Rocks - My Backyard Treasure - Wythe County


  1. Great site! I love little known hikes.. thanks for sharing!

  2. I just ran across this page while looking for topographical maps around Wytheville VA. I am pasting this link on my Facebook page, awkwardly named "Hikes and Waterfalls Near Southwest Virginia". Thanks for all of the great information, and I hope you will see fit to post on my page.

  3. I was looking for mentions on Mill Creek Falls (one of my favorite places to go) online, and stumbled across this blog! I'm excited to try the other hikes listed here.

  4. Fantastic!!! Lots of detail, great pics and maps! Nice job here!!!